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    Thank you for the transparency and the information regarding COLLECTION, TRANSPORTATION, SORTING, PROCESSING,
    FOR END-OF-LIFE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES. I know that the DOE will not publish the information collected through the RFI. The Information collected will more than likely be used to inform the DOE on how to plan for related BIL’s Section 40207 (e), 40207 (f)(2), (f)(3), (f)(4) and 40208, which would include the Funding Opportunity Announcements in the coming months.

    Hopefully the questions weren’t too difficult to answer and were turned in within a timely manner. I look forward to learning more about your plans related to Optimization of the value of material derived from recycling batteries, The protection of the health and safety of all persons involved in, or in proximity of recycling & reprocessing activities, including communities located near recycling and materials reprocessing facilities & last but not least the Strategies to increase consumer acceptance of and participation in the recycling of batteries and the future of recycled batteries from American Battery Technology Company.

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