Pilot Plant Status

Walls Walls Walls!

Well it is the week we have all been waiting for, walls will be going up this week. The forms have been removed, the braces have been put into position and the larger crane is on site and assembled. Everything points to walls going up on Monday the 7th! Tilt up walls will go up very quickly and the pilot plant will take shape as the walls get stood up. It should only take 1 or 2 days to raise up all the walls into position.

The Liebherr crawler crane showed up to site on Friday, the crane is so large that it has to be assembled by another crane as it comes in several large pieces. As of Sunday 2/6 the crane was fully assembled and ready to start lifting walls. Take a look at the photos below, those metal looking rods are the temporary structural bracing that gets installed once the wall gets lifted up by the crane. This will fix the wall in place until the structural connections can be made, between the other walls and the foundation. At the ABTC Fernley site you can see they are all laid out and ready to go. The photo on the right shows what it looks like once the wall goes up and is temporarily braced.

Schedule Update

We can finally mark the “Form, Pour Panel” activity complete as the last forms were poured last week and all the formwork has been removed in preparation for the walls going up. The next construction activity is “Tilt Panels” which is only a 3 days activity for lifting the walls into place. That is targeted for completion on February 14th. I am currently showing 5 days ahead of schedule. It is an exciting note that this Gantt chart was created in October of 2021 and estimate the tilt up wall activity with a tolerance of a few days, that is amazing! The next activity on the schedule is structural steel. We have already seen steel showing up on site an being stored in the laydown area which is a good sign. I will go in more depth on this activity in the coming weeks. The main tasks in the structural steel activity will be setting columns, girders and steel supports for the mezzanine and roof structure