American Battery Technology Company [ABTC]

Pilot Plant Construction Info

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Phase 1 Pilot Plant


Days Ahead Of Schedule



ABTC Adjusted Gantt Chart For 10/6/21 Start Date:

Pilot Plant Location - Fernley

Drone Footage From Site. Credit to Mith, check out his Youtube!

About The ABTC Gantt Chart

A construction schedule created by Miles construction was published on the internet in March of 2021. The original ABTC pilot plant construction project had a start date of 3/1/2021. Actual construction officially started on site with grading on 10/6/2021. The delay was a result of permit issues with the City of Fernley that prohibited the start of construction. Since then, these delays have been resolved and construction is expected to continue per the new schedule. The construction schedule and dates shown are this site are formed on the basis of the same duration construction tasks shifted to the new start date. My goal is to keep the Gantt chart updated as construction continues to track progress on the site and provide a good estimate of the construction timeline.

Source Data

Source files for both the image file, Gantt Chart raw file and original construction file are available on a Google Drive I am hosting. Click the "Source Data" button at the top of the page or below to learn more.

About Me

I have been an investor in ABTC for a little over a year and have been following the construction and company updates closely. I decided it would be beneficial to have a place people could easily check in on the construction progress without having to dig through old data so I made this site. I am also an Electrical Engineer by career who works with one of the largest contractor and construction companies in the US. I am very familiar with the construction process of larger industrial facilities like this and their risks, opportunities and scheduling. I hope to be able to provide valuable industry and technical insights about the construction and startup process.  


If you have questions or comments about this site, please send an email to or come join the ABTC discord with many great people at the link below. My username on discord is CaptainKU, feel free to DM or tag me in a question. Also, while I have detailed experience with construction and electrical details I would love to know if you are willing to answer some questions or give some comments if you have other experience with other areas of construction such as mechanical, structural, logistics etc.. Please Reach out to me if you are willing to help!